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The videos on this page are part of the Kandoo Online Training Club collection. The collection contains over 100 videos and these were chosen as examples for you to get a taste. Club membership is at a special introductory price* of only $9.95 a month (for the time being) and will remain at that price for the life of your membership - train your own horse at home!
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Confidence = Knowledge + Skill

Australian Brumby Challenge - Roping Your Brumby

TJ's grooming lesson after the halter was put on the previous day.

Mounting From Fence

This lesson teaches you to move your horse's hips to the fence for mounting or sacking out. The video discusses the emotional level of different horses and how to adjust this to maximise learning outcomes.


Such a simple thing but it can become difficult and even dangerous, seemingly overnight. Why does this happen, how can we prevent it and what do we do if it is already a problem.

Controlling the Hindquarters

Controlling the hindquarters leads to travers, haunches-in, canter leads and flying changes. This video series shows you how to get hindquarter control off your rein aid, leaving your leg for more advanced lateral work. This is the first in a series of 6.

Desensitising Your Horse

Desensitising your horse to the saddle and things that move about (like your legs might!). This is also a great lesson for a 'cold-backed' horse. This video is the third in a 6 part series available with Kandoo Club membership and is not the place to start the lesson.

Emotional Level

Getting the emotional level right in a lesson will make or break it. Each horse is different and there is a 'learning zone' in there somewhere - a place where the horse is alert enough to be learning and relaxed enough to be confident and calm. Get the emotional level right and the rest is easy.

Emotional Level Demonstration

Winter Workshop Weekend 2013. Evie, 12 year old mare, demonstrates the importance of considering emotional level in training.

This video is 35 minutes long but most of the Kandoo Club videos are between 5 and 10 minutes, giving you a little to work on so that you can come back and learn more.

Hips to the Fence

This is a great little lesson for getting your horse to move to the fence or mounting block for mounting. It also gives you side-pass on the ground - all in less than 10 minutes.

Positive and Negative Reinforcement

The differences between positive and negative reinforcement and when one or the other might be more appropriate or useful.

Teaching Stops

The first in the 'stop' series shows you the work on the ground with your horse to teach the stop cue. You will also gain some valuable hindquarter control when doing this lesson which will be useful in a number of other areas.

The Round Pen

This video is more of a 'what not to do' guide for the round pen. It's a good place to start. Once you sign up you can get detailed videos on teaching inside, outside turns and come-to-me to start your horse off - learning how to learn.

Trailer Loading

Trailer loading is so often a problem but it is easily overcome using these simple steps. If you would like a more intensive Trailer Loading Course or DVD have a look at the Shop.

"Absolutely transformed my relationship with my horse. I am now doing things that I never thought possible. Thank you Kate!"

*Club membership is now available on a one month only trial period. Alternatively, get an entire year's access for under $100 while the special price lasts.

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