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DVD Private Lesson Series

  • Private Lesson Series Collection USA

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    The complete Private Lesson Series (USA*) SALE

    The Private Lesson Collection SALE is only while stocks last. In the future all lessons and courses will be available online only and range in price from $50 - $80 per lesson.

    This series is suitable for anyone that wants a horse that is safe, soft in the bridle, travels in frame and is attentive. From the round pen to the advanced shoulder control, you can train your own horse at home at your own pace. 

    The Foundation Training in this series is suitable for an un-started horse or a horse that lacks any aspect of this work. It follows the precise procedure that I go through when starting horses under saddle or re-training horses (e.g.. re-training an ex-race horse or a 'confirmed' bucker).

    *These DVDs are made for the American NTSC television system and are suitable for playback in USA and other countries that use that system. They will also play on any computer.


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