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March Newsletter

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
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VBA Texas Jack

I am thrilled to announce that the gorgeous Brumby, TJ, has won my heart and is now a permanent member of the Kandoo Equine Team.

I learn more from TJ every time I interact with him than I do from any other horse I have ever known.

Welcome aboard Texas Jack!

Diary Dates


15th November

New Foundation Courses

Kandoo Open Day

22nd November


Murrumbateman Foundation Course Filling Quickly

Kate is very happy to announce that she will be commencing a Foundation Course at Murrumbateman. We have 6 dates in the diary (see below for details) and the Arena at the Rec Grounds is booked. All participants will then be eligible to attend Graduate Clinics held at Kangadoo and elsewhere. 

This particular course is designed specifically for horses that are already started  under saddle and simply lacking foundation work (travelling in frame, independent hind quarter and shoulder control and so on). 

If you feel that your horse is really not reaching his full potential then join Kate for the course. Spaces are strictly limited so email Kate today.

Field Day Demonstrations

Kate will be demonstrating at the following Field Days in 2014:

  1. Riverina - May 9-10, Griffith
  2. Mudgee - July 11-12
  3. Murrumbateman - October 18-19

Graduate Clinics

Graduates of the Foundation Course (or those of you with equivalent training) will be offered Graduate Clinic Days at Kangadoo and around NSW.

These days will help you progress in your chosen discipline. Dates to be announced on the website.

Honours Research Project

Having completed her Equine Science degree last year, Kate is now doing an honours year. Her research project will investigate the effects of emotional level on cognition. Kate has always believed that getting the emotional level right when training led to a better outcome and less stressful experience for both horse and rider/trainer and this experiment is designed to put that theory to the test.

Emotional level will be assessed using heart rate, heart rate variability and eye temperature (using a infrared thermal camera), in addition to looking at both rein tension and scores on a behavioural scale.

DVDs Now Available at Brighton's Saddlery Online Store and Catalogue

All of the Kandoo Equine Training DVDs are now available in the Brighton's Saddlery catalogue and at their online store.

Murrumbateman Foundation Schedule

  • April 12
  • 11-3pm

  • April 19

  • April 26

May 3

May 10

May 17

May 31
  • Free Demonstration 10am
  • Private lessons (email Kate for a booking)
  • .
  • Foundation Clinic 1 - Give to the Bit
  • Softness in the bridle, travelling in frame, self-carriage
  • .
  • Foundation Clinic 2 - Shoulder Control
  • Same-rein-same-foot and reverse arc, shoulder elevation
Foundation Clinic 3 - Long-Reining
A little like lunging but so much more educational. The horse learns to travel in frame and be soft in the bridle
Foundation Clinic 4 - Arena Manoeuvres
Putting the frame and shoulder work together
Foundation Clinic 5 - Hind Quarter Control
Independent hind quarter control to travers; taught off the rein. We now have control of each of the four feet.
Foundation Clinic 6 - Canter
Putting everything together in the walk, trot and canter. Your horse will now be ready to go out and ride a beautiful dressage test, compete in the show ring or other competition or take you safely on the trail.

January Newsletter

Sunday, January 19, 2014
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New Clinic and Demonstration Dates for Feb-Mar 2014

   Jan  25th  Foundation Course 5  
     26th  Demonstrating at Bungendore Agricultural Show  
   Feb  1/2nd  Australian Brumby Challenge Finals  
     8th  Foundation Clinic 6   
     9th  Canberra Day
     11/12th  Residential Clinic   
     15th  Wamboin Lesson Day  
     16th  Kate judging at Gunning Agricultural Show  
     18/19th  Residential Clinic  
     22nd  Foundation Clinic 7  
     23rd  Murrumbateman Day  
     25/26th  Residential Clinic  
   Mar  1st  Working Equitation Clinic  
     2nd   Canberra Day  
     4/5th  Residential Clinic  
     8th  Foundation Clinic 8  
     9th  NEW Foundation Course - Clinic 1  
     11/12th  Residential Clinic  
     15th   Working Equitation Clinic  
     16th  Foundation Course - Clinic 2  
     18/19th  Residential Clinic  
     25/26th  Residential Clinic  
     29th  Wamboin Day  
     30th  Foundation Course - Clinic 3  

New Weekday Clinics:

Working Equitation

  • Obstacles and patterns
  • Collection and lateral work
  • Rhythm, balance and tempo
  • Maximising your score
  • 2 hour weekend clinics
  • 1 or 2 day Residential clinics

Young Horse

  • Round pen
  • Long-reining
  • Two year old
  • Pre-starting lessons
  • Safe handling - feet, worming and floating
  • Tack fitting and first aid
  • Weekday residential clinics (1 or 2 days)


  • Getting to your first Prep comp
  • Riding an outstanding Prelim test
  • Raising the bar for Novice
  • Teaching the lateral work for Elementary
  • Weekday residential clinics
  • Making it fun!
Weekend Working Equitation clinics run for 2 hours, either 10-12 or 2-4 and cost $125 per horse/rider. 
Auditors are welcome ($25 per session).
All other clinics are one or two day residential (included but optional) clinics. The cost is $200 a day.
Get a group together and work on exactly what you want.

The Australian Brumby Challenge

Dunkan-Doo will be attending the Finals of the Australian Brumby Challenge on Feb 1st and 2nd.

Be sure to follow him on the blog.

TJ will remain at Kandoo Equine and you can follow all of his training on the blog and he will be featuring in an upcoming DVD Training Series.

Brighton's Saddlery

Kandoo Equine is very pleased to announce that all of the Training DVDs are now available in the Brighton Saddlery catalogue and online at Brighton Saddlery.

Equine Science Honours Project

Kate has now completed the Bachelor of Equine Science degree at Charles Sturt University and will undertake her honours research in 2014. Stay tuned!

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New Dates

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Foundation Clinic Dates:   Read More . . .


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