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Kate Fenner - Friday, April 05, 2013
We all know that horses are better on one side than the other at times but have you ever found that your horse picked something up tremendously well and easily on one side only to find that same lesson almost impossible on the other? If this was a ground work lesson, such as 'give to the bit', and your horse got the right hand side quickly but found the left side difficult then it may be that your are actually having to un-train the left side first. 


Learning to travel in a soft frame under saddle

Few horses have had the benefit of sufficient bridle work on the ground. We tend to do a lot with the horse on his left - tack up, lead and mount but often not much at all on his right side. This often means that the horse has become desensitised to pressure/cues on his left. When you first start teaching 'give to the bit', softness in the bridle and self-carriage from the ground, you may well find that the horse is much better (more responsive) on his off side because this is your blank canvass. It takes a lot longer to un-train and then re-train, if your horse has been taught to put up with pressure in the bridle for example, than it does to simply train what you want in the beginning. This is worth remembering if you feel your horse is one-sided. Is he really one-sided or are you un-training a well-learned response?

Horse head

The un-started horse will be similar on both sides

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