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Is Your Horse Keeping You Up At Night?

Kate Fenner - Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Trailer Loading

  • Just thinking about float loading puts me  into a cold sweat
  • The night before an outing I get NO SLEEP, just toss and turn, worrying about getting him on
  • I would go out and do a lot more but I can't
  • Sometimes he walks straight on and others ....
  • Food works sometimes but what if he's not hungry?
  • I can't do it alone, I need someone to fasten the back bar, lift the ramp, hold him in etc.
  • I always wait until last to leave a show - why won't he just get on like all the other horses?
  • I don't blame him - he had a terrible floating accident and he is terrified
  • He gets on but rushes off again so fast that I know he is going to hurt himself (or me)
  • I get all packed and ready to go but never know if I will ever leave the property
  • I worry constantly beforehand - what if it takes hours to get him on?
  • The longer it takes, the more worked up he gets and more frustrated I get
  • He just throws his hips around to the side and there is no way I can get him on
  • He rears and it really isn't worth either of us getting hurt over
  • Perhaps a new float would help, something bigger, an angle load or even a truck
  • I'm sure it has become so bad that he will never learn so perhaps what I really need is a new horse!
  My next post will give you the simple steps to follow to float loading success. In the meantime there are plenty of float training videos on my Kandoo Club site (only $9.95 a month) or a full length training DVD available at the Kandoo Shop.    

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