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Dunkan-Doo - It's Me!

Kate Fenner - Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been a little off the air for a while but Kate has been away and then my place has been full of new horses and people.

Lots of news for you!

I now live in a stable! OMG what a big horse! It has a yard and an indoor area. For quite some time I only snuck into the indoor area when no-one was watching but now I'm in and out like a real pro!

I have  a new job! It took me a little while to work it out but now I am sure - I am the welcome party! Everyone, horses and humans, that come to the property have to greet me first because MY stable is positioned right at the front. Then, at night when the owners go to the cottage, my job is to look after all the horses in the stables. All that time I spent baby-sitting TJ is really paying off.

The other humans are so happy that I have looked after their horses so well during the night that I get all sorts of treats in the morning. Check me out getting my first wither scratch (click on the photo below to watch my video).

That's Victoria scratching me there. She's the first other person I have met properly (got her to do something for me) since coming to Kangadoo. She was really nice because I had been looking after her horse who was stabled opposite me.

Just a couple of quick things I wanted to run by you:

1) Honest opinions, aren't these red trousers a bit much (I see Kate also has a pair)?

2) I know I look like a cross between a Persian and a Dorper! Could someone PLEASE advise Kate on how to fix this!

Talk soon!

Dunks xXx

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