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Desensitisation With TJ

Kate Fenner - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Click on the photo to watch TJ being desensitised to the tarp in today's lesson.

Desensitisation needs to be used with care. It is easy to 'over' desensitise the horse by flooding. The video shows the entire lesson with TJ and you will see that I never try to stop him from moving his feet. I know that I have gone too far when he moves and I back up a little and approach again. At the end of the lesson, notice that TJ is still alert, engaged and attentive. This is another example of a brief lesson where I have raised TJ's emotional level slightly in order to help him to learn.

It is this emotional level that I will be attempting to define for my Equine Science Honours Project next year and I will discuss it in more detail in later blogs with TJ.

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