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Darn It Dunkan-Did

Kate Fenner - Monday, December 02, 2013

I just had to tell you my news.

I grew tired of the stable today and escaped! 

I'm not sure how I managed it but by the time Kate noticed and came down to the stables I had let out the colts from the colt paddock. My new friends Jazz, the Iberian colt, Perfecto, the Pre colt and Justice, the Percheron colt, all galloped happily around with me for some time.

We visited everyone - much fun was had by all.

That lot tire more easily than me and were put back in their paddock so I went and found the stallion paddock. Should have started there, these fellows are FUN!

Much high-stepping, tails up and snorting. I did my very best to get in with them. 20 acres and 3 stallions, I could live there for sure. Sadly it was post and rail; too high to jump and too low to scoot under (unlike that silly stable yard).

I certainly wasn't going to be caught though. Don't you worry, I am one fast little horse when I want to be. You should have seen Kate - lariat, stick and string, stick with bag and one little brumby running like the wind - it was pretty comical!

Eventually, when I thought Kate had had enough fun, I made my way, not terribly gracefully, into a paddock with Tatty. He is a 4 year old ASH gelding and I think I know why he lives alone - he's actually not that nice.

I gather I will remain here with Tatty until Kate can catch me, hahaha!

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