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Kandoo Equine’s Program

Murrumbateman Field Days 2013

October 19th and 20th


Come along and meet Kate Fenner and the Kandoo horses that will be used for the day’s demonstrations.


Training Essentials – Emotional level, pressure and release, the principles of training. Learn how to break any lesson down for your horse to ensure training success. Why are some trainers more successful than others? Why do some horses appear happier to do what is asked than others? How do you avoid teaching your horse things you don’t want it to know?


The Round Pen – the round pen can be a fabulous teaching aid, if used carefully. Kate will discuss the benefits of the roundpen and how to use it to ‘teach your horse to learn’ rather than run him into exhaustion. The main points covered will be teaching inside and outside turns, come to me and teaching tricks and other liberty work.


Give to the Bit and Shoulder Control – learn how to teach your horse to travel in frame, in self-carriage and be light in the bridle. From there, take control of the shoulders off each rein to get a supple, listening equine partner.


Long-reining – Anyone can teach their horse to long-rein. It is such a useful tool. The horse can learn to travel in frame, be soft in the bridle, transitions, canter lead departures and so much more. It is also a very useful exercise for a horse that has been out of work for any length of time or a horse that is not yet under saddle. Unlike lunging, when long-reining the horse is being educated and becoming a safer ride.


Hindquarter Control – Learn to take control of the hindquarters off the reins (not from leg pressure as is often the case). Kate will discuss why she teaches hindquarter control off the reins and demonstrate the advantages of doing so. Horses will demonstrate travers, canter leads and changes, side-pass and half-pass.


Working Equitation – Come along and learn about Working Equitation. This wonderful discipline from Europe is relatively new to Australia and encompasses dressage and obstacles. It is all about collection and lateral work. Kate will demonstrate several of the obstacles, show you how to ride the patterns, set up a course at home and discuss the prerequisites your horse needs for each obstacle.


Seeing the progress in my own pony in the space of only two days has been so exciting, and the first time in a long time, I've been shown a way that makes sense to me and my pony - no more mystery just a very happy rider and pony.

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