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Have you ever thought:

  • I wish my horse was calmer
  • I really don't feel very confident
  • I know he isn't reaching his full potential
  • What do they really mean by 'over the back', 'on the bit', 'through from behind' etc.
  • If only my horse could .....
  • He knows what I want him to do and he is just being naughty
  • I wish I knew how to teach him to X,Y,Z
  • I want to break in my own horse - I know I can with a little guidance 
  • They told me he was quiet/could jump/loads on to the trailer/was well behaved when trail riding
  • I'd just like to go to a few shows/competitions/trail rides
  • I can't afford the time/money to take my horse to a trainer

Do you want  a safe, confident, happy and willing equine partner? If so, Kandoo Equine can help you.
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What they are saying about Kate:

"Kate is a remarkable woman in both her handling of horses and people of all levels....." NN

About Kate

Photo courtesy of Highlife Magazine

Kate has been around horses all of her life and has wide and varied experience in competing and training around the world. She began riding as a very small child in Crookwell, country NSW, and later took her horse (an off the track thoroughbred) to school with her in Armidale. Kate then spent many years riding, training and competing around the world from Hong Kong (dressage), UK (dressage, show jumping and eventing), Singapore and Malaysia (dressage, show jumping and polo), to the USA (dressage and John Lyons Certification Program). She is completing her Bachelor of Equine Science in 2013, is a Level 1 British Horse Society Instructor, Pony Club Chief Instructor for many years, Working Equitation Judge and Instructor and has extensive competing and judging experience in Australia, Europe and the USA.  

While competing in a Rolex International Dressage and Show Jumping Event in Asia, Kate realized that there must be a better way. She was in the winner's circle but she was sure that her horse's performance would improve if it were more willing, relaxed and really understood its job a little better.

Rolex medal presentation, Singapore (Dressage - Freestyle to Music). Kate riding 'Pocket Money'.

Kate competed regularly in both dressage and show jumping in international competitions in Singapore and Malaysia.

Getting ready for the first test of the day in Malaysia.

The 'Singapore Team' walk the course in Malaysia (Kate fourth in line).

While in Singapore, Kate played polo regularly (her favourite pony, Penguino, pictured below),

was chief instructor of the Singapore Branch of the Pony Club and was instrumental in setting up a riding school that brought riding to the local residents (Sentosa Riding School - now very sadly under a casino!).

Kate's son Oliver (looking frightfully unhappy - probably not had his roti parata for breakfast yet) heading out to do a little stick and ball on 'Chukkabuko'.

Before leaving Singapore for a couple of years in the USA, Kate decided that if she ever could she would try to buy this little Argentinean polo mare, Chaucitta (pictured below). She had become very fond of her, having ridden and played polo on her often and knew her polo career was coming to an end.

Kate playing Chaucitta in the De Silva Cup Tournament (second from left, green helmet).

After moving to USA Kate looked for a clinician who combined performance with practical horsemanship and discovered John Lyons. His Certification course was lengthy and halfway across the country but Kate decided to do it. Not only did the course entail living in Colorado for 7 months but Kate had to take two horses with her - one broken-in and one not.

Naturally, Chaucitta was her first choice! If you are going to fly a horse all the way from Singapore to America, you might as well bring two, right? She rang her friend Roz Tippett, a dressage judge in Western Australia, to see if she had any youngsters available. She had an unbroken 3 year old Warmblood filly that suited perfectly.

The Warmblood was flown to Singapore, picked up the polo pony and both came on to the USA.

Chaucitta is the first on the left (no longer the pretty dappled grey that she had been just six months earlier) and the Warmblood (Saskatchewan) is traveling next to her.

Kate and Chaucitta swimming in John Lyons' dam.

Kate and her young quarter horse colt, Mandegon (purchased in USA).

Josh Lyons, Chaucitta and Kate. This photo was taken in the park in Parachute, Colorado (yes, the background is real!).

After completing the course (and finishing at the top of the group) in Colorado with John and Josh Lyons, Kate returned to the USA in 2003 when invited to attend a 'Select Trainer' Clinic with John. To this day, Kate remains the only Australian to have completed the world renowned Certification Programme.

Whilst the merit of the Certification Course was unsurpassable, it is the experience of the hundreds of horses that Kate already had together with the variety of disciplines she trained and competed, and the hundreds of horses that Kate has encountered since then (in USA, UK, Asia and Australia) makes Kandoo Equine what it is today.

Kate returned to the UK at the end of 2001 and set up Equine Perfection, a horse training facility based at her property in Kent.

 The Stables

Nizels Hoath, the house.

Chaucitta was busy with her new life in the UK. She did regular demonstrations including the South of England Equine Fair,

 taught a number of children to ride

and had a foal, named Vita, by Mandego.

 The UK weather and growing home-sickness eventually drove Kate back to her native Australia.

Freezing to death on a photo shoot for 'Your Horse' Magazine.

It wasn't all mud and rain - a good day at the polo at Guards.

Kate worked educating horses and their owners in the UK until relocating to her native Australia in 2005.

After returning home Kate founded Kandoo Equine and has been conducting clinics and courses from her property, Kangadoo, near Goulburn and throughout NSW. She also regularly travels to both Europe and Asia to deliver clinics and courses.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a trainer or instructor is finding someone who is a good teacher. It is all very well for the trainer to be able to get your horse to perform but they must also be able to teach you how to teach the horse (a concept that has been uppermost in Kate's mind as she has been producing both her DVD series and the distance training courses). Kate is a well-qualified teacher - Chief Instructor of the Singapore Branch of the Pony Club, Instructor Lions Share Farm, CT, USA (children and adults), BHS level 1, UK and in more general terms - TEFL (British Council, Hong Kong) children and adults in addition to a Montessori qualification, UK. She has been invited to teach at Charles Sturt University (a breaking-in clinic) and major demonstrations in the UK and Australia. Kate has a bachelor of Equine Science (2013) and has been accepted into the honours program.

Kate is regularly invited to judge at Breed and Agricultural shows (Goulburn Show pictured below).

Kangadoo Cottage, conveniently located at the Kandoo Equine Training Centre, is available for those attending training sessions with their horse and is fully self-catering.

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